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The invitational Coastside Artists Residency hosts artists of all genres who are interested in making work that responds to the dogged socioeconomic issues magnified by the Coastside Economic Recovery Initiative Recommendations Report. Coastside Artists Residency will partner with local nonprofits to select artists invited to participate in the residency.

As part of the application process, artists will be asked to write a letter responding to the report and share examples of work in their current practice that tie back to at least one of the four focus areas: eco, innovate, thrive, and vibrant.

Located on Main Street just outside the historic downtown district of the City of Half Moon Bay, use the space as your home base while you explore the coast, recharge, and become inspired to take your practice in new directions. This is a 2 bed/1 bath apartment with no studio space.

Coastside Artists Residency is sponsored by Marianna Stark and Sam Perry.