M Stark Gallery represents Coastal and Bay Area artists whose work is in dialogue with contemporary fine art movements and evokes the spirit of the West Coast.



Opening 2023, Director, Coastside Artist Residency

Opening 2022, Director, M Stark Gallery

2016 Director, A Stark Project, Berkeley

2014 Co-Producer, ArtComplex, Oakland

2013-2017 President of the Board, Berkeley Art Center

2012-2016 Board of Directors, Oakland Art Murmur 

2011-2012 Associate Director, ArtPad, San Francisco

2009-2011 Executive Director, San Francisco Art Dealers Association                                                 

2007-2010 Publisher, Stark Guide to Bay Area Art                                                          

2007-2008 Chair, SECA, and Ex-Ofocio Trustee, SFMOMA

2005-2010 Member, SECA, SFMOMA 

2002-2004 Board Member, ArtPoint, FAMSF

1999-2001 Member, Junior Associates, MOMA

1999-2001 Member, Apollo Circle, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1993-1999 Member, Contemporary Extension, SFMOMA

1993-1999 Member, Artpoint, FAMSF

1992 BA Art History (US/Europe concentration), UC Berkeley