Opening 2023, Director, M Stark Gallery

Opening 2023, Director, Coastside Artist Residency

2016 Director, A Stark Project, Berkeley

2014 Co-Producer, ArtComplex, Oakland

2013-2017 President of the Board, Berkeley Art Center

2012-2016 Board of Directors, Oakland Art Murmur 

2011-2012 Associate Director, ArtPad, San Francisco

2009-2011 Executive Director, San Francisco Art Dealers Association                                                 

2007-2010 Publisher, Stark Guide to Bay Area Art                                                          

2007-2008 Chair, SECA, and Ex-Ofocio Trustee, SFMOMA

2005-2010 Member, SECA, SFMOMA 

2002-2004 Board Member, ArtPoint, FAMSF

1999-2001 Member, Junior Associates, MOMA

1999-2001 Member, Apollo Circle, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1993-1999 Member, Contemporary Extension, SFMOMA

1993-1999 Member, Artpoint, FAMSF

1992 BA Art History (US/Europe concentration), UC Berkeley